Obelisco della Minerva (Elephant and Obelisk)-The ultimate Rome 6-day trip itinerary Day 1

Meet Bernini’s ultimate revenge. Right behind the Pantheon, there is our favorite little square in Rome: Piazza della Minerva. This petite plaza shows us the most artistic elephant in the world. Obelisco Della Minerva (Elephant and Obelisk) designed by Gian Lorenzo Bernini. The story behind it goes like this: Pope Alexander VII decided to have…

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Pantheon musing -The ultimate Rome 6-day trip itinerary Day 1

When Old meets young harmony. The great opening of the movie The belly of an architect by Peter Greenaway shot in front of Pantheon, so I knew I had to get that shot myself one day. Pantheon, without a doubt, is my favorite architecture in Rome. The outstanding, elegant, marvelous outlook gives me a huge…

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Rome, Rome, I love you! The ultimate Rome 6-day trip itinerary Day 1- Trevi fountain

All roads lead to Rome Ciao! friends, Our jetlag did help us walk up pretty early once again, thank you jetlag, hehe 🙂 with all the excitement accumulated for half a year, we can’t wait until the sun rises. the fresh air in the early morning is pleasant, although early spring is quite chill that…

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