Trip in Asia- Sunnyland Kaohsiung city, Taiwan one day trip

Southbound is a new world Does the Taipei city two-day trip post makes you feel like visiting? Taipei is a fun city that has so much to offer, but same as other modern cities, you may feel the hassle hustle during the day of commuting hours. I was studying and working in Taipei for 8…

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Trip in Asia- Taipei, Taiwan 2-day trip

A taste of ancient Chinese culture I hope the previous two posts Undercover in Taipei got your attention about this petite country in the east. Although it is not large, it has so much to offer, seriously! the multiple culture influences, simply addictive Chinese and Taiwanese food, friendly people there, I can’t thank enough for…

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Trip in Asia- Undercover series in Taipei, Formosa Taiwan Part I

Fresh eyes on puzzles from the homeland Surely it was not an easy trip for me since I volunteered to take care of my sister’s baby who is only 9 months old, which is completely new to me! but we always welcome with excitement the new member of the family.  Also, I got a chance…

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