Rome, Rome, I love you! The ultimate Rome 6-day trip itinerary Day 1- Trevi fountain

All roads lead to Rome

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Our jetlag did help us walk up pretty early once again, thank you jetlag, hehe 🙂 with all the excitement accumulated for half a year, we can’t wait until the sun rises. the fresh air in the early morning is pleasant, although early spring is quite chill that doesn’t backstep us.

Share our first-day full plan here, I will update all the links on each sightseeing in the following post. 🙂

Day 1:

Fontana di Trevi (Trevi Fountain)→ Pantheon & Fontana del Pantheon→ Obelisco Della Minerva (Elephant and Obelisk)→ San Luigi dei Francesi (Church of St. Louis of the French)→ Largo di Torre Argentina→ Capitoline Museums

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Fontana di Trevi (Trevi Fountain)

Indeed Trevi fountain is THE fountain everyone comes to see. The marvelous sculptures spread out with the backdrop of The Palazzo Poli and have been featured in several notable films, including Roman Holiday, Federico Fellini’s La Dolce Vita (1960), which we watched it upon the trip that gave us such romantic image in hearts. when Marcello and Sylvia spend the rest of the evening in the alleys of Rome where they wade into the Trevi Fountain.

La Dolce Vita Fontana di Trevi Trevi fountain 6 days Rome guide
photo credit: youtube
La Dolce Vita Rome Trevi fountain Fontana di Trevi travel guide
photo credit: youtube

I absolutely love the fountain, despite the crowd starting flock into the plaza, take a moment just look at the art, breathe the history in every curve. I did not make a wish by tossing coins into the fountain but legend said coin toss is done using your right hand to throw the coin over your left shoulder, if you throw one coin, you will have a return trip to Rome in the future, throwing the second coin, you will find a romance in Rome, and the third one will lead to marriage. Would you like to make a wish here?

Fontana di Trevi Trevi fountain untimate Rome travel guide

Trivia of Fountain Trevi:

    1. In 1629 Pope Urban VIII, finding the earlier fountain insufficiently dramatic, asked Gian Lorenzo Bernini to sketch possible renovations, but the project was abandoned when the pope died. Though Bernini’s project was never constructed, there are many Bernini touches in the fountain as it exists today. Work began in 1732 with the public’s opinion of supporting Roman artist Nicola Salvi over a contest hosted by Pope. Salvi died in 1751 with his work half finished, hence, Trevi Fountain was finished in 1762 by Pannini, who substituted the present allegories for planned sculptures of Agrippa and Trivia, the Roman virgin.
    2. There are about 3000 euros thrown into fountain daily, it’s illegal of attempting to steal the coins from the fountain.
    3. All the coins are collected every night to fund a supermarket that serves the poor of Rome and other charity organization.

Tips for visiting Trevi fountain:

    1. Timing! go as early as you can if you are into photography. better before 8 am. we spot about 30 people at 8:30, and when the night we pass by, it’s like about 800 people there!
    2. Do not drink the water from water and do not jump into the fountain.
    3. Do not be too close or climb up onto the stones especially on the two sides, there are some carabinieri are on duty of protecting the fountain, they often will whistle to visitors who are disobeying the law.
    4. it’s said some pickpocketing happens when it’s crowded so be aware of your wallet.

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