How to decompress spine in 3 steps- Part V

Self-reflection after 5 years experienced lower back pain

Disclaimer: I am not a professional trained doctor or therapist, all honest opinions are mine from my past 5 years experience. This post does not contain any affiliation link. Please consult your doctor first when you notice you have discomfort in any area. 

It was just another day when I woke up and felt my shoulder was tense, my lower back was stiff. 

Take a sip of morning coffee and do some body stretch, trying to make myself feel better to start a new day. Well, it did help, but not too long.
At noon, I had done 10 neck stretches already so I could stay sitting in front of the computer. By 4 pm, I started to think of which yoga or physical therapy youtube video I am gonna do at night. After dinner, I browsed the internet for Cervical Neck Traction Device/Instant Neck Pain Relief, then opened Amazon, clicked Buy it now. This has become a repetitive process from year to year, month to month, day to day… 

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I never knew one day I would have this journey, to begin with, growing up as a pretty energetic kid, I was the one who nagged my mother, she was the one suffering from lower back, shoulder, and neck pain without knowing the cause.

She likes to dress up, she wears heels to make her feel good and she was a teacher so she was on heels for long hours, but the impact was huge on the body, I had to constantly help relieve her pain with massage. 

As time goes by, she develops fatigue and has less energy. She always says her lower back is numb or has a hard time getting out of bed in the morning. lots of time she rejects being outdoors by saying: I can’t sit too long in the car! 
She would rather stay home than worry about her back getting hurt.

I thought I was a very happy and healthy girl. I am constantly doing self-cares regardless of mentally or physical condition. I do regularly work out at the gym 3-5 days, hiking or swimming from time to time more than when I was in my teens. I was only 28, and suddenly, I get what my mom has suffered from. 

But wait, how and what my lifestyle has changed?

I thought of all the possibilities and down to the conclusion, I wear heels and sit in front of the desk more than before! 

At the beginning it may only be 1-2 inches, then it is 2 to 3 inches, now 3 inches up is a piece of cake to me. I thought I was young and healthy, so wearing heels at a young age would not affect the body as much, a naively thinking. 

And as a blogger I sit at least 7 hours daily. These two causes are so common that we often overlook them as these are the lifestyle for our generation. It turns out they are the silent killers to a healthy spine, your spine has to bear as much as two times the pressure while you are sitting compared to standing.

I had made up my mind that I may have to just live with my back pain forever.
While I talked to some of my girl friends and found out I am not alone on this, we talked about how shockingly first time while we feel the radical pain, I read many people sharing on the internet saying that this is very hard to cure, and some must be cured only by surgery, therefore people would try to avoid it.

I dive into some studies, show about 70% of people have experienced back pain since it has come and goes symptoms that you will get used to it, as long as you keep good posture, but are not fully cured. 

However, deep in my heart, I don’t want to give it up or compromise the illness. I want my healthy life back, to walk freely, move without limitation, and I know I can, and I know you can! Don’t give it up! your body wants what you desire too! 

After three days of self-decompressed spine therapy, I couldn’t believe I did it. Now I wrote it done, share with you, hoping this will help you as well!
Feel free to let me know your thought if you also happened to suffer from lower back pain, would love to hear your story!

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