MAXXI museum- The ultimate Rome trip itinerary Day 3

A night out at the Modern Art Museum of Rome

After the afternoon at Borghese gardens, Piazza del Popolo and Spanish steps neighborhood, we had plenty of people watching, from families, fashion girls, teenage kids, and street performers, everyone is alive and not hold back their personalities. I can tell most of them are happy, although I didn’t know the reasons why they are happy, from those days in Rome, I can tell in general the social system are well-kept, they are all in good care.

All those Ancient ruins are a big feast to us, we couldn’t stop talking about how much Rome history we had learned, however at the same time we were are curious about Roman contemporary high art these days.  

Modern Art Museum of Rome

MAXXI museum (National Museum of 21st Century Art) is the first one got our attention from the other four contemporary art museums, not only they are open later than the others, 8 PM(!)  the best thing is they extend the Saturday opening time to 10 PM! so … here we go MAXXI!

We arrived at MAXXI about 8 PM, they also host a talk from a famous comic author, but since we kinda came late, and they might be in Italian, we decided to stick with the museum part, but just so let you know, they do host such talk events quite often, so if you are interested in this kind of event, it’s always good to check their schedule on their website.

MAXXI modern art museum ROMEMAXXI RomeROM_6915MAXXI museum Rome itineraryThe museum has a very modern design, irregular shape steps, a constant fun space. There are several exhibitions going on, we started with what interested us most- THE STREET. WHERE THE WORLD IS MADE, it is divided by subtopics, street politics, mappings, community…etc. we had an inspiring time seeing through all of it. We loved how successful the exhibition was at avoiding cliches. Not one of the 20 or so large pieces was a typical street protest.

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The nighttime date in the museum was totally worth it, not only did we appreciate  contemporary art but got a glimpse how modern Roman’s think about their arts. If you want the same, I will highly recommend you to visit MAXXI.

Also, we use our ROMA PASS for our second museum ticket for free. It is nice, the staff is knowledgeable, and you do need to put your big backpack in the storage, the museum is big, clean and had a lot of locals at that time, maybe that’s the way they have a night out dates? if so, I couldn’t agree more with this cultural activity! good for you Romans!

Have you ever visit other contemporary art museums in Rome? How did you feel, and what’s the exhibition? please feel free to tell me, would love to visit it one day too.

Tips of visiting MAXXI museum

  1. The opening time is longer than the other museums, so it may be a good fit if you would like to visit it at night, please check their website for schedule and exhibitions.  
  2. They provide some talks from time to time, if you can catch up one during your visit will be pretty cool.
  3. ROMA PASS helps on this case, either you can use it for free entry, or you can use it for discount ticket price, all you need is to show your pass to the staff.
  4. Bring your camera, it’s a fun space to take pictures with.

Day 3

Domus Aurea (Only open on weekend)Galleria Borghese→ Piazza del PopoloMAXXI museum

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