Sky Garden – London 6-day trip guide

Seeing sunset in the modern jungle

Alright! Finally, I am going to talk about modern London!
I hope you enjoy my previous posts about the Tower of London and St. Paul’s Cathedral. After seeing these two landmarks in the old city of London, we can’t wait to take a break and enjoy a night with champagne!  

I’ve been always loving to find the best spot to see the city on a trip, photographer’s natural habit I guess hehe 😛 So, I know there is a famous Shard building to overlook the city, the postmodern Quadrangular cone shape makes it stand out in the whole city. since it is the tallest building in London, you can easily spot it everywhere, whether at the Tower of London or right inside the Sky garden. 

Sky Garden London
Sky Garden or Shard London

However, after comparing the two venues, I love Sky garden more than the Shard. Here are the reasons I picked it:

  1. Location- The plants and all the green in the sky garden are a win to me. 
  2. View- Sky garden’s viewing platform is at 35 v.s. Shard is at 68-72. but I love it’s not too high that you can still picture the landmark nicely.
  3. Tickets – Sky garden provides free visit tickets, Shard charges 25-39 packages options. 
  4. Restaurants – Both have restaurants and bars, Sky garden is at 35-floor v.s Shard is at 31-33 floors. 

Even though Sky garden is not as tall as the Shard, but those 4 in 1 feature to me is solid! So I immediately wanted to book the free visit to Sky garden, but the free visit tickets were booked out in the time frame I planned to visit (it’s super popular especially at high season!). well, don’t worry friends, you can still visit it, just by booking a table at any bar or restaurant you can enjoy the view. 

sunset at Sky Garden London
magic light Sky Garden London
view Sky Garden London

One of the tips I would like to mention first, full tips will be at the end of the post. There are four restaurants and bars options you can pick, I picked the Sky Pod bar after seeing people’s reviews on the internet, and they turned out to be right: 
The tallest dining areas are at a terrace but that is not close to the major part of the window, so the better view is actually on the 35th floor. Although you can walk around in the whole Sky garden, I highly recommend booking the one on 35th floor if you want to have a good view the whole time. 

Sky Garden were very thoughtful in including the sunset schedule on their front page, I booked a table according to the time since they have time-limited rule for only 1 and a half hours. 

We arrived early for the security check, then take the elevator up to the 35th floor, checking in with the front reception is easy and we had plenty of time walking around the whole place.  

why Sky Garden London
Sky Garden guide London

Let me tell you, folks, you must come to see it! it’s a really beautiful and cool place to see the whole city. The view is spectacular! and there is a live music band singing songs presenting a very fun vibe to the place. we were so happy and non-stop, can’t stop taking pictures! you will not be alone, because every visitor there is doing the same. 🙂 

Sky Garden London
Sky Garden recommend place to go London
Sky Garden recommend place to go London

I will say there is no more beautiful sunset I have ever seen in such an environment. the music, the view, the champagne, with my love, everything is so wonderful! we can’t stop complimenting the place and how lucky enough we got a chance to catch a good weather day to be able to enjoy it! 

Here are the sunset pictures we took at the place.

Sky Garden recommend to go London
Sky Garden recommend to go London

So, how was it? Are you now be hooked to see the Sky Garden yourself?

I am here writing the post and still want to go there again! Europe’s highest public garden is more than that, it’s a great place to hang out with friends, to dine and dance! Be sure to check it out when you are in London! 

Have you ever visit Sky garden? How was your visit like? Do you have a favorite spot to see the London? Please share with me!  🙂

Tips for visiting Sky garden

  1. Be sure to book a ticket or table on their official website as early as you can! it’s a very, very hot place among tourists and locals.
  2. If the free visit ticket is booked out, don’t be discouraged, there are 4 other restaurants and bars that can choose.
  3. Come earlier at least 30 mins to pass the security check! 
  4. If you have a table reservation, please go directly at the first-floor front reception to check-in, this will put you to the fast track to go up!
  5. Please bring your passport or ID, they check it.
  6. Dress code, be sure to dress in smart casual. they will not be allowed to those wearing shorts, flip flops, sports kit or sports shoes to enter.
  7. Minimum spend: All Sky Pod bookings carry a minimum spend requirement; Sunday – Tuesday £20 per person, Wednesday – Friday £25 per person, Saturday – £30 per person. This is inclusive of VAT and exclusive of a discretionary 12.5% service charge and will be applied to your final bill.
  8. Just so you get an idea what the upper limit might (full bottle of champagne, a seafood plate for two) it can be up to around £250.
  9. One table has time-limited, 1 hr 30 mins, so plan it wisely!
  10. Bring your camera! it’s a photogenic place, especially at sunset!

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