Hampton Court Palace Part II- 6 day London guide

When political match marriage was growing well

I hope you enjoyed Part I of my post about Hampton Court Palace, I know it’s hard to beat Henry VIII’s six wives stories in history, however, the palace has continued growing and with each new phase new generations and stories, especially at 1689 when William III and Mary II took the throne. 

Those are the stories I found interesting and I would like to share with you.

First of all, Mary II at age 15, daughter of James II, sent to the Netherlands to marry William. William III who also widely known as William of Orange, a Dutch prince. In the portraits, we may not be able to tell their real appearance as the painters toward to flatter the royal members. in real life, Mary was a tall, striking lady, William was a short, asthmatic man but he likes to be on the battlefield, including nine years’ war. Even though the outlooks may not be the best match, the political match marriage was growing well, they had a deep affection for each other, they were the first and only couple to rule jointly when back to England. 

The couple had put the new leaf in Hampton court palace, William III’s State Apartments is another sightseeing spot you shouldn’t miss, especially- The Guard Chamber, where displays a remarkable collection of weapons on the walls. It’s wild! all the visitors and we were shocked when we enter the room. a very smart but masculine way represent guns, pistols, even drums. such a dramatic impression of political power and order.

William III’s guards slept here when the king was in residence, controlling access to the apartments within. 

The room indeed got My love’s heart, so we couldn’t help ourselves from taking more pictures here. 🙂

From the window can overlook a beautiful garden, it is called The privy garden. Privy meaning private, garden was created to allow a quiet space for the monarch’s exclusive use.

Moreover, William and Mary were also responsible for creating many of the most spectacular areas of the Hampton Court Gardens to complement their new palace. These include The Great Fountain Garden, my favorite one! those giant yew trees were growing since mid 18th century! I absolutely love it, and I highly recommend must take your time to see it, it’s just gorgeous!

The last not to miss spot is one of the most photogenic spots at Hampton court palace- the King’s Staircase which is at William III’s apartment, we happened to be there at afternoon, seeing the sunlight sprinkling on the wall, painter Verrio showed William III in triumphal mode, dominating a group of Roman emperors who represent the King’s Catholic enemies, as well as a banquet of the Gods showing the peace and plenty. I certainly recommend seeing these stairs, it is magnificent. 

I hope you enjoyed this sharing, Part III will be about Queen Anne, Mary II’s sister, who recently got more intention with the movie The Favorite 2019. She also had some touch at Hampton court, but mostly is she really a hysterical woman as the movie portrayed? we will see…
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Hampton court palace Part I- Henry VIII, his six wives and kitchen

Tips for visiting Hampton Court Palace

  1. Please book the ticket on their official website, it has a discount price. And please print it out as they don’t accept digital tickets yet.
  2. Highly recommend planning as a whole day experience to fully enjoy all the spots, from the king’s apartment, a maze to gardens.
  3. It’s a family-friendly place, they also provide a magic garden which kids may have fun here.
  4. They also provide different tour, activities, events on the website, you can plan it accordingly.
  5. Please wear comfortable shoes and pack light, it’s a huge place.
  6. Bring your camera, it’s a super photogenic place!
  7. Take a train from London to Hampton court palace is about 40 mins, costs about 30-35.
  8. See stories of Henry VIII and his wives, his kitchen, please check Part I here.
  9. See stories of Queen Anne at Hampton Court palace, please check Part III here.