Why better than authentic?

Dear friends,

    Here I am, so excited to open this food blog. For more than two years I have this idea going on in my mind, however, I was too shy to really make it happen. But with love’s constant encouragement I got the courage.

    Let’s talk a little about me, I am an Asian girl, from Taiwan, where we have an old south Chinese, native, and South Asian fusion. Now I married and I moved to southern California, where I’m continuously influenced by American and Mexican culture. I love cooking and baking, sometimes I like to invite friends over to enjoy good food. Every time I make Chinese dishes, I found friends are happy and impressed with the historical stories behind the foods. As a self-taught chef, I learned a lot from many selfless chefs books and on the internet. Now it’s time for me to share with you not only the ideas behind foods but also the culture behinds foods. Most of the recipes will be created by me, some Asia, Latin American, American and European Food that I got inspired by from our travels.

    Food is essential, is a gathering of history, is fusion with culture. Also can be a very sexy currency when dating, and a social gel when you enjoy good food with good company.

    I wish you find this blog interesting and delicious 🙂 and really welcome to join this fusion adventure with us! it’s always fun to have good companies on a journey, isn’t? Let’s cook with some love, that is the most powerful seasoning you will taste.



Mar. 2018