Never end summer calls for lemon ice cream (no machine)

When life gives you lemons, make it into… lemon ice cream Food history of America project one Is summer coming back again? Recently the weather in San Diego is like summer in daytime but fall in the night time. to be frank, I love the weather of SoCal, it’s always so pleasant, however, the heat…

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Papapostilla and bacon wrapped filet mignon

The little celebrations in life April showers are on and in the cloudy days, we need to have something to cheer us up. showers are nice, they bring water to the earth and that is quite a gift! The nourishment is beautiful and appreciated. How about today we cook something to celebrate this beautiful life?…

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What is it about “authentic”?

My dear friends, Do you feel the spring is coming? When we went on the street we found some flowers blooming! how lovely spring is! btw, have you watched a show on Netflix called ugly delicious? It’s a really nice show talking about different foods and the historic backgrounds behind them. We enjoy it so…

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