What is it about “authentic”?

My dear friends,

Do you feel the spring is coming? When we went on the street we found some flowers blooming! how lovely spring is! btw, have you watched a show on Netflix called ugly delicious? It’s a really nice show talking about different foods and the historic backgrounds behind them. We enjoy it so much and highly recommend it. In the first episode, they talked about Pizza, and the notion of authentic pizza is quite interesting. First of all, how do you define a food is authentic? Is the origin growing of ingredients that makes it? or is the cooking process of making foods that determines it? or is the chef being from the birthplace of the cuisine that makes it authentic? Also, is the idea of authentic a huge part of your score for the taste? Does authentic and creative are a clash or will they bring out new chapters? can creativity make a new authentic?

I believe we all have a similar experience when we open our browser and google “authentic food X” but time after time we also go and try out the new recipes without knowing how they will turn out or how they make them in a newly opened restaurant. How our minds working on the daily foods is somehow unconscious but mysterious. what do you think about these questions? let’s discuss it! 🙂