OLLA smoothie (short film included)

Only Lovers Left Alive… a vegan vampire berry smoothie

2018 is a year of seeking wellness. Doesn’t it feel like everybody is talking about wanting to live a healthier life? Of course, wellness is so important not only for this year but a lifestyle. Exercise regularly, relieve pressure from time to time, eat fresh organic foods, and always eat some fruits.

So here today I would like to share with you a lovely fruit smoothie we have almost 4 times a week. We are pretty addicted to it, it’s a little bit dark burgundy and my love likes to pretend it is the kind of drink of vampire would have, hence the name OLLA, Only Lovers Left Alive, after the Jim Jarmusch stylish vampire movie. Bloody pink but totally vegan-friendly! 🙂 It’s also very healthy and quickly made, it just takes 10 mins. So in the morning when we wanna enjoy a little bit sweetness from fruits, no doubt I will grab all the ingredients from the fridge, clean and rinse it, put them all in a blender and 45 seconds late, Voila! we enjoy it together!

fruits for OLLA smoothie
Please find the right amount of ingredients below.

Ingredients: served 2-3 people

1 apple, prefer red apple

1 plum

1 slice of lemon

10 strawberries

15 grains of raspberries

20 grains of grapes (green or purple as your preference)

15 grains of blackberries

40 grains of blueberries

Cooking steps:

Step 1. rinse all the fruits several times gently.

Step 2. peel off the apple and remove the seeds, then dice them. Dice the plum and remove the seeds. Cut the stem off from strawberries.

Step 3. put all the fruits into the blender except lemon slice, squeeze the lemon and throw away it. add some ice cubes (5-7 as you like) and 100 ml drinkable water.

Step 4. turn the blender on for 45 secs, pour it into glasses and enjoy it!


I wish you find OLLA smoothie refreshing and tasty, please feel free to share with me your thought and comments. Have a great day with some healthy pink blush on your face! cheers!

[UPDATE] Halloween feature OLLA juice, we made a short film for it, check it out, friends!

smoothie juice halloweensmoothie juice halloween 2



Mar. 2018