The most delicious triangles in the world

-make yourself the yum Chinese rice dumplings (you can think of them as “Chinese tamales”) Hello friends, I would like to introduce to you one of my favorite festival foods- Chinese rice dumplings. This is always on my comfort food list, although usually, they are not common foods that restaurants will sell daily since it…

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Papapostilla and bacon wrapped filet mignon

The little celebrations in life April showers are on and in the cloudy days, we need to have something to cheer us up. showers are nice, they bring water to the earth and that is quite a gift! The nourishment is beautiful and appreciated. How about today we cook something to celebrate this beautiful life?…

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Ahh…Dirty rice

How come dirty can be so tasty? Today we are going to make one of the easy one-pot comfort food to us – Dirty rice. WHAT? dirty?! yes, dirty rice sounds really so interesting, why name it dirty? Is it dirty? The answer is actually simple than you thought. when the white rice which gets…

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